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The GREAT BARRIER REEF is the worlds largest coral reef being over 2000km long stretching along the East Coast of Queensland in Australia from just north of Bundaberg to the tip of the Cape York Peninsula.
This ‘eighth' natural wonder of the world is a brightly coloured kaleidoscope of hundreds of different corals.
The coral lives in harmony and combine with a myriad of sea creatures that have developed amazing roles and relationships in adapting to this unique coral reef habitat. The reef is also a breeding area for a number of rare and endangered species. Humpback whales come from the Antarctic to give birth to their young in these waters.

Take a leisurely sail or cruise out to Low Isles for snorkelling off the beach. Cruise to the outer reefs to dive at some of the most beautiful coral reefs and explore this incredible underwater world of unique fish and coral species. Fly in a helicopter to one of the sand cays in the middle of the GREAT BARRIER REEF to enjoy a most private and leisurely breakfast and walk along the waters with no other people there than your own party

If the GREAT BARRIER REEF is unforgettable, then the DAINTREE/CAPE TRIBULATION RAINFOREST of the Wet Tropics of Tropical North Queensland offer an equally inspiring natural experience. The world heritage listed Daintree Wilderness area is a sight to behold, even for the most seasoned naturalists among us.

Visitors can travel north along the Captain Cook Highway, renowned as one of Australia’s most scenic drives. Visit Mossman Gorge, before crossing the Daintree River on board a cable driven ferry to visit the Daintree Discovery Centre. Climb the canopy tower or experience the rainforest aerial boardwalks for an insight into the World Heritage Rainforest. Explore Cape Tribulation Beach, and cruise the majestic Daintree River, spotting for wildlife.

The DAINTREE CAPE TRIBULATION RAINFOREST is a pocket of ancient tropical rainforest locked in a biological time capsule on the driest continent on earth. Sample the unique flora and wildlife of the Daintree's wet tropic coastal lowlands and the mysteries of its evolution and survival over millions of years. The region is one of the most complex ecosystems on Earth - one hectare can hold some 30,000 different species of plants, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and other organisms - and has the richest Flora and Fauna diversity in Australia.

Take a 4WD safari day tour day tour to explore the pristine and ancient rainforest. Experience this world heritage wonder through an interpretive tour, either self guided on the Cape Tribulation boardwalks or with a naturalist guide.
Cruise the Daintree River looking for crocodiles, tree snakes, Ulysses butterflies, kingfishers and a host of other animal and bird life.

Your Hosts, Gerry & Helen Shepherd can advise and make all the Reef & Rainforest tour arrangements for you.



HOSTS: Judy & Alan Anderson
Helen Shepherd
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Great Barrier Reef Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Australia Rainforest